Sacred Living Sacred Dying

To provide a place where the sacredness of life and death may be known through connection with the Living Presence of Wisdom-Sophia. To be a sacred container for spiritual practices, rituals, and death and dying trainings. To offer sacred space for retreats of solace and solitude; for a healing, prayerful, and working communion with the Earth and eco-sustainability; and for the expression of the Sacred Arts.


Serving Humanity in These Uncertain Times

To restore our souls and bodies to the natural harmony and divine flow of life.

To provide a place to heal and restore the compassionate inclusive feminine spirit into rightful balance with the focused masculine spirit. 

To bring our youth and our elders together through a mentorship program

To provide shelter and refuge for those in need




In these Circles we explore the Divine Feminine energies and how they may be activated and brought alive within us. We seek practical application of these wisdom energies in our everyday lives, and welcome all people to attend.

Death & Dying Counseling


So many feel a sense of helplessness when their loved ones are dying. How to help beyond the physical care? How to care for and help guide their soul as they make their transition? Or, even begin preparing for your own death. Please be in touch if you need assistance in this way.

Healing Rituals


The Feminine Soul has been under great duress for many ages in the human cycle, and we have found great power and healing in rituals designed to return us to our natural feminine being. We also undertake healing rituals for the Earth itself. These rituals take different forms in accordance with the specific need at hand.

Spiritual Mentoring


Having a spiritual sacred companion to listen, to witness your life and growth, and to help draw forth your inner guidance and wisdom can be an invaluable and necessary gift to your soul. We are all being called to a maturity of soul and this mentoring can be a means to enter into that.

Spiritual Retreats


Very often on our spiritual journey we can become too comfortable in the well set-out life we have created for ourselves. Old habits and patterns can become ingrained and we enter into a kind of spiritual stasis. Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to reach beyond who we think we are and to re-start our life with a new determination and devotion.

Personal Retreats


Nourishment of soul and body are necessary in these challenging and chaotic times. These personal retreats are designed especially for you and your current needs. We find a natural rhythm that will help restore your sense of self, exploring what wants to come forth in the spaciousness that is created. A wonderful way to re-imagine and re-create your life purpose.


  • The Sacred Wedding Feast Ritual: The Union of the Feminine & Masculine Energies

  • Online Divine Feminine Programs

In all of our programs we offer contemplation of wisdom texts, in-depth meditation, sacred chant and dance, always seeking to embody our divinity and humanity as one wondrous being.

Hazrat Inayat Khan
"All the tragedy in the world, in the individual and in the multitude, comes from lack of harmony. And harmony is best given by producing harmony in one’s own life."


Gazing Into The Future

We are currently exploring our vision to purchase a property where we may share our offerings from a sacred place aligned with our mission. Following divine direction we find ourselves in the Catskills, in upstate New York, an area soaked in the spirit. Follow our journey on our Watch & Read page where we will post updates.

Envisioned Services
  • Teresa of Avila Hermitage for solo retreats

  • Creative Arts Studio

  • Quan Yin Healing Center

  • Eco-sustainable practices

  • Housing for a small number of resident members

Envisioning on the Land

The property we are exploring has three dwellings with room for expansion. We plan to install solar and best sustainable practices as soon as possible.


We also envision working with Geoship, an innovative company who are producing geodesic domes designed with the fullest ecological advantages, hurricane and earthquake proof, flood and fire proof, mold resistant and insect proof, with passive heating and cooling. These domes will also require minimum maintenance. Tradition meets evolution through these visionary buildings with a decided feminine component. (See the image of the proposed domes)

Expanded Offerings to Come
  • Women’s Retreat Days: A Day of Soul Restoration

  • Elder & Youth Companion Mentoring

  • Conversations with Wisdom

  • Cosmic Mass of Sophia

  • Death & Dying Programs


We are a fully tax deductible charitable organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through our community offerings and living in harmony with all of creation in our everyday lives.

One Epic Place, 122 Main St, New Paltz NY 12561


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