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Returning To Your Feminine Soul

The mentoring we offer is a unique journey undertaken into soul intimacy. This intimacy begins with your own self and soul, spreads into your body, and then out into the world. Each monthly session can  be unique depending upon the circumstances and needs of your life in that moment.

Emphasis is placed on entering into the spaciousness and calm of the soul and speaking and living from here. This is not talk therapy, though ample opportunity is given for your words to be compassionately heard and received. Meditations, prayer, readings and chants maybe given along with practical applications in life. This is a sacred relationship we enter into, one that brings richness and a return to Life.

Mentoring is offered either by Rev. Meghan or one of our Elders depending upon availability.

“He has prepared us for this. He is calling upon us to become fully human ~ Gospel of Mary Magdalene”

“As a mentor, Meghan is truly a master – combining deep mystical knowledge and experience with warmth and a joyful, playful sense of humor that can open doors to transformation and new dimensions for you if you are willing and committed. She offers all from her embodied wisdom.”  

~ sara, artist