These commitments are entered into between you and your own Inner Wisdom, between You and the Earth. Please change as you feel.

~ I commit to honor the Living Presence of Sophia (or Wisdom, Love, Joy, or Kindness) within my whole being and within all beings

~ I commit to honor and collaborate as a Guardian with Mother Earth and all of her creatures

~ I commit to do no harm through my thoughts, my words, or my actions, to myself or to  other beings as much as I am able

~ Wisdom has many Faces and extends through different dimensions and ages. In honor of this multi-dimensionality within all beings, we celebrate diverse divine persona, mystics, and wise ones, throughout the year

~ In honor of the Earth we celebrate the different seasons of the Sun and the Moon and the Celtic cycles of Celebration

~ In acknowledging those times we turn away from our compassionate nature we celebrate Forgiveness Rituals, for self and other.


October 31st of every year is considered to be the time of the thin veils between the worlds. It was traditionally a time of honoring those who were making, and had made their transition, from this world to the next.


We continue this tradition and gather on this night to open the spiritual portals so that we may assist souls in their after-life journey. It is also a time where we contemplate our own death and enter into meditations to bring the death process into our awareness.


You are welcome to join us in person or online.


Grandmother of Death

May we speak?

I come to you to lay down

All my fears

My fear of leaving this body

Of leaving this small mind

And all its worries way behind

I know they are only temporary

But do I really know this?

Can I mourn their death now?


Even moment to moment?

Maybe then death and I can be friends

Maybe you and I can be friends.

Please see a Prayer for those who are passing/who have passed on our Death & Dying Mentoring page.


Come and experience this powerful ancient ritual that has been handed down orally through the Sophian Lineage, and has evolved with every generation. The purpose of this sacred rite is to activate, align, and join our feminine and masculine energy.


We invoke the Directions and Archangels of the Sacred Circle, Masters from other realms, the Elementals, our own Guides, and loved ones here on Earth, and the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy through the realized personhood of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew chants are used, which are charged with the Universal and Kabbalistic energies. These chants activate the same energies within us. We drink from the Cup of Feminine Joy & Power, and eat of the Masculine bread of Sacred Knowledge & Focus, joining all of these within.

In drawing the ritual to completion we allow our unique I Am Presence to arise and be expressed in the Circle as we are called. We then extend all blessings and our prayers out into the world for its raising of consciousness for the good of all souls.

This rite is also known to extend through time and space into all realms for the evolution of all beings.


We enter into the rite of Baptism at different times during our life. Such occasions could include:

~ receiving your spiritual name

~ honoring the The Way of Wisdom commitments

~ coming into a renewed place in your spiritual and earthly life


There will be three people baptizing: The Guiding Minister, and the Elders of the Church assisting.

Each will represent the Sacred Daughter, the Sacred Mother, and the Sacred Grandmother/Crone accordingly.

These three will spend time in preparation, as they will seek to embody and to impart the blessings and energy of the respective Faces of the Feminine to the one being baptized. They will also open themselves in prayer and meditation to receive what the Spirit of Sophia wishes to impart to the one being baptized.

The Sacred Daughter represents the joining of Eve and Lilith. Eve bringing the energy of natural purity and spiritual awakening, and Lilith bringing the embodied feminine strength and courage. Together, in union, they open the doorway for renewed consciousness.

The Sacred Mother represents the joining of the Tender and Fierce nature of the Mother through the Woman of Light and the Black Mother, respectively. The Woman of Light brings forth the compassionate wisdom for humanity, and the Black Mother reveals the ignorance lost in the darkness and assists in the restoration of the true nature.

The Sacred Grandmother brings forth the Cosmic Vision for the person being baptized.

Algernon Blackwood
“Ritual is the passage way of the soul into the Infinite”