• Meghan Don

Grandmother Earth

Ojibwe prayer:

Grandmother Earth,

Grandfather Sky,

Look at our brokenness.

We know that in all creation

Only the human family

Has strayed from the Sacred Way.

We know that we are the ones

Who must come back together

To walk in the Sacred Way.

Grandfather Sky,

Grandmother Earth

Sacred Ones,

Teach us clarity and compassion.

Teach us to use our words with honor,

So we may heal the Earth,

So we may heal each other.

“…the absolute necessity for integrating and living our wisdom and spiritual knowledge upon this earthly place in this earthly body…. The physical earth in this way becomes the grounding station, if you like, for the evolutionary process of humanity…. the physical form becomes not only the vehicle of the spirit for the birthing of our (and its) own new consciousness, but also where the spirit of both divine mother and father, daughter and son, are consciously united in the human one, in the physical, mental, and spirit consciousness.”

~ from The New Divine Feminine, Meghan Don, p. 11


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