• Meghan Don

Dying into Love

Sustain me with flowers and surround me with apples, for I am dying with love.

~ Song of Songs 2:5

Fall into the gentleness of your loving self. Release any anxiousness or worry. Allow your hidden self to come forward -- let it voice its concerns -- and then gently lay it down in the Beloved's loving arms. Feel the two become one. Dwell in this unity. Ask to be guided in your life according to divine love. Surrender.

~ Meghan Don, Meditations with Teresa of Avila, chapter 40

Upcoming Retreats:

Sept. 17-20 Initiating the 21 Aspects of Sophia, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY https://www.meghandon.life/events-1/the-21-aspects-of-wisdom-sophia

Sept. 20-22 Emerging from the Womb-Tomb with Mary Magdalene, Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY https://holycrossmonastery.com/events/emerging-from-the-womb-tomb-with-mary-magdalene/

Please Note: Space is very limited for September retreats. Book now if interested


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