Becoming Astute

“…Whoever knocks from inside,

it will open to them.”

-Gospel of Thomas

Last year I offered a number of classes online that explored the Wisdom-Sophia Aspects as given in the Book of Wisdom. I was delighted to see there were 21 Aspects, correlating to some degree with the 21 Aspects of Tara from the Buddhist Tradition. We studied 7 of these Sophia Wisdoms over a number of weeks and months.

They were: Intelligence, Holy (Sacred), Unique, Steadfast, Dependable, Unperturbed, and Flowing Movement. Please see below the Online Self-Study Modules if you would like to participate and learn of these.

As part of the Mary Magdalene Support Group, we will return to these Aspects, and in particular, the one that is calling to be studied at the moment is Astute.

Becoming Astute is something we are all needing right now. Astute to what is occurring within us, and what is seemingly bewildering us on the outer. What I am realizing is there is great inner and outer strength to be garnered from this astuteness of being. What is needed for this is good judgement and perception that goes beyond our personal prejudices and opinions.

Can we honestly do this in the times we are living?

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With our last gatherings I brought in the energy and wisdom of Brigid. She and Magdalene have become intimate companions, awakening a renewed view of a feminine Celtic-Christian wisdom, something that has been previously dominated by the masculine presence.

And so, in honor of this joining I am renaming the gathering, Trusting In Love: The Magdalene & Brigid Support Group. Let us see where we are taken with these two leading the way. So far it has been very enriching for all participating.

“…Whoever knocks from inside, it will open to them.”

The Gospel of Thomas always delights me when it takes the canonical gospel sayings into a deeper dimension. When we knock, where are we knocking from?

It seems to me an Astuteness comes from this inside knocking and subsequently an inside knowing. Let us internally knock together to bring our individual and collective being into a greater living wisdom.

When: Saturday March 6th

Time: 2.00pm-3.30pmET Join Live or Receive Recording

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Video: Interview: You may also want to watch this interview. My being was filled with lightness and laughter after our Brigid Day & Imbolc Celebration the night before

May Astuteness of Being Come Upon You


TRUSTING IN LOVE: MAGDALENE & BRIGID SUPPORT GROUP - Saturday, March 6th at 2pm-3.30pmET Becoming Astute:


COMPANION AND HEALING MENTORING (One-on-One) - A prayer of transmission comes through specifically for you. From there we unfold into the healing, the gentle speaking, the restoring of inner well-being. Breathing out and breathing love in.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE RETREATS (One-on-One) - Delving deeper into your being. Refreshing your soul and body. Opening to deeper communion with self and others, with self and nature, with self and pure being and/or purpose.

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