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Death & Dying

There are very few people in the West who know how to assist souls with their onward journey through death and into the life of a greater consciousness that awaits them. I am frequently asked by people what they can do to help their loved one make their transition, and a phrase I hear again and again is, “I don’t know what to do.” This is in fact what I uttered myself when my own mother was dying, however, it turned out that I knew exactly what to do, and this natural ability has been enhanced by deeper study and practical application.


We have wonderful helpers who can be with our loved ones up until they die, often with the emphasis on creating physical well-being, but what of their spirit, and what happens once they leave the body? 

Rev. Meghan is now making available Death & Dying Counseling, which will teach people basic skills in how they can assist, not only their loved one, but also themselves with their own journey towards death. For we are all making that journey daily, so it is good to prepare now, as who knows when that day and moment will come.


Rev. Meghan will soon be embarking upon writing a book on Death & Dying filled with stories, prayers, and spiritual practices designed to help with a deeper understanding, opening the portal to this much needed education. But for now, she invites you to begin a personal mentoring if your life-situation is calling for this sacred knowledge.

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Please see below a simple prayer that anyone can take up for their loved one as they prepare to make their onward journey.

A Prayer For The Dying


Mother, into your Arms of Compassion I place …………

Bring The Angels of Comfort and Peace to their side

May their elemental-physical body dissolve with grace

And may all harshness of heart be forgiven

May they forgive themselves, and others.


Be with your child Mother, as they make their crossing

May help be given to unwind and let go of their life with ease

May love fill their heart and consciousness

And may all else be let go into the fire of the Spirit.

May ……… know that there is no judgment


May they know, that no one, no angel, no God, is judging

There is only Love

There is only Goodness

May there be recognition of this

May there be realization of this.

And as ………. makes their way into a new life

May the old be let go

May there be a new beginning

May their soul remember

Remember to live the fullness of life

Remember what it is to become a full human being

Remember themselves as All That Is.


Be with ………… Mother.

Fold them in your loving heart

Let the Presence of Protection be with them

May they travel swiftly to their home of peace

I ask this for …….. and for all souls passing at this time

I thank you Mother,

I thank you. 

Death & Dying Prayer
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