“On retreat we laugh, pray, cry, receive and give blessings. We relearn how to play and give thanks.  Meghan’s deep connection and love for the Divine Mother has helped me find my courage; opening my heart to the Divine Feminine.  With each retreat my passions increase as my fears subside. I am so grateful for Meghan’s commitment to this sacred path and her willingness to guide others.”

- Karen Sarah Mack, ME 

“Wisdom is the Earth’s foundation,

  and Understanding the Sky’s pillar.

  She is the divine order patterning all      creation,

  from the ancient oceans to this morning’s  dew.” 

  - Proverbs 3:19-20


Deepening Your Inner Journey

Feeling all that arises within

Releasing the old ways that you have been believing and living

Now is our time to enter the dark womb of self-love and re-emerge with a greater wisdom and knowing of our own existence

Please see below for our upcoming online classes and events and self-study classes that will aid and assist you on this journey

Join Rev. Meghan and a vibrant, honest community as they travel through their own souls journey with you.


No upcoming events at the moment


Ireland Meditations Glendalough

Join Meghan as she journeys to Glendalough in the Wicklow mountains, one of her favorite sacred places in Ireland. Gleann Da Loch is known as the Valley of Two Lakes which were carved out by glaciers in the Ice Age. The whole area is magical, and alive with forests, moun-tains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

Special Discount Offer for These Times

Living Into The Unknown 

Join Meghan and a committed community as they explore what it means to live in these unknown times through
Body prayer, Meditation, 
The Wisdom of Teresa of Avila, Sophia, and Magdalene.  6 Videos/Audio Special 

Special Discount Offer for These Times

Coming Into Your Steadfast Nature

Join Meghan and a committed community as we enter into a most needed Aspect of our Nature for these times.


Learn how to be Steadfast and Stand Firm in your own being and body

Receive 3 Video/Audio sessions

 Special Discount Offer For These Times

owlwisdom (1).jpg
The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: 21 Aspects of Wisdom

Join Meghan and a vibrant community as we begin the first module of this study. The first 3 Aspects we explore are: Intelligence, Holy/Sacred, & Unique

Receive 6 Video/Audio sessions

Special Discount Offer For These Times

V8.2.12.Yeshua Listening I.jpg
Birthing the Christ Essence with Mary Magdalene

"Come rest in the womb of the dark silence and discover your light within” 

An Invitation from Magdalene and Yeshua. 

2 Video/Audio Recorded Sessions

Special Discount Offer for These Times

redrose (1).jpg
Dying and Resurrecting with Mary Magdalene

Learning How to Die In Order to Fully Live. The mystic death preparing us for our physical death.

2 Video/Audio Recorded Sessions

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The Original Tender & Fierce Feminine

Join Meghan as she leads you into your own Original Tenderness and Fierceness, weaving mythology, chant, and meditation enlivening your psyche and spirit.
50 minute video with Resource Page giving separate Chants and Prayer

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