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OCT. 7  2020



Six Week Course

Learn the Mystic art of Flowing into the Unknown. Find your Unperturbed Being and your Dependable nature.

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NOV.7 2020




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Honoring the turn of the seasons

and the balance of the Light and the Dark

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May 2021
Returning to Your Earth Roots
South West Ireland
To Come:
Sacred Living Sacred Dying
South West Ireland

Photo Credit: Emma McArdle Photography

NEW: Virtual Personal Retreat with Rev. Meghan 

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 Ireland Pilgrimage 2021 
An Intimate Experience
Limited to 8 people


A Bi-Weekly Thursday Podcast with Rev. Meghan

Beidh réidh gach aimréidh

All that is tangled will be unravelled

- Brigid’s Well in County Clare

Rev. Meghan was called to Ireland, back to the home of her ancestors. She will be taking us on a bi-weekly sacred journey through her everyday encounters as she sinks deeply into the Irish land and sea. Weaving  in reflections on our current world situation, and bringing forth the grounded Irish Wisdom, Meghan will share uplifting and thoughtful stories for these difficult times.

The Eighteenth Podcast: Stepping Into The Eternal

In this Podcast Meghan speaks on:

~ Stories of local saints and mystics

~ Visiting an ancient monastic island

~ Guilt and Forgiveness

~ Lucid dreams

The image given here is from an ancient tomb in the Church of the Dead on the monastic island. Note the breasts and the heart-shaped womb. The disks on the left are of the sun, and on the right, all the phases of the moon. There were also four very unusual depictions of angels on each corner.

Looking forward to journeying with you!


Welcome to The Sanctuary of Sophia: a center for HUMANITY'S EVOLUTION

We are a church community dedicated to the Evolution of Wisdom. In our search for Wisdom we have found her everywhere - in every tree, every child, in the vulnerable, in the strong, in the very body of the Earth, and in the Cosmic Heavens. 

Our desire and dedication is to both return, and to move forward, into the sacredness of knowing this Wisdom, Sophia herself, within our own being and every being. 

We seek to remember the truth of the sacredness of the very physical nature of our Earth, our bodies, and our human experience, while simultaneously drawing on the wisdom from our heavenly being and experiences. 

What we are speaking here is living the full union of our feminine and masculine nature, the full union of humanity and divinity, the fullness of what it is to be a human being. This is Wisdom.

Joseph Campbell
“People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive.”

We invite you to join us and explore what it means to be alive, to be enlivened in your own life, to know your own wisdom-self and to live it fully in the world.


Our foundation is based on the teachings of Magdalene and Yeshua, the Christian mystics, and the Tree of Life mysteries. We also draw from the Earth Wisdom and other different Wisdom Traditions, plus our own ever-evolving wisdom nature.


Inner experience is our path, and outer creative expression is the manifestation of our inner journey, each according to their natural capacity and calling. 

We serve humanity by coming to know the truth of our wisdom being and then by sharing it with others in all the ways that Wisdom decrees. Through this service we honor each other and the Earth. Come and explore and share your wisdom nature with us by joining a Circle of Wisdom, or experience a sacred ritual of the Union of the Feminine and Masculine Energies. We also offer death & dying counsel. 


Become a member and join us from your own home, or visit us in person.


Sophia is the Greek word for Wisdom, a wisdom that goes far beyond the understanding of what any human understanding or wisdom is conceived to be. 
She, who paradoxically is beyond gender, is the Indwelling Wisdom who is deeply embedded within every being and every living thing in Creation. She is the life coursing through our veins, She is the very marrow of our spiritual bones, She is Life Itself! 


We have many offerings available to join in person or online.

Classes, Circles of Wisdom, Book Studies, Rituals, Retreats, Mentoring

Please join us and bring your own  Wisdom-Sophia alive for your good and the good of our world.

Our world needs strong wise beings right now!


Our souls desire intimacy, to belong, to create and contribute, to be cherished, to be present in soul and body - this is community. 

You can join from a distance or in person

The Flower of Life is an ancient living symbol of the very creation process itself. It is understood to be the blueprint for all life-forms and the continuous cycle of birth, life, & death.

It is the oldest form of sacred geometry on our Earth and is found in many traditions and sacred places and temples throughout the world.

The outer blue circle represents the heavenly origins of creation.

The green hexagon represents balance and harmony on Earth.

If you look closely you will see two interlacing gold triangles, making another form of a hexagon. This signifies the joining of the feminine and the masculine, the earth and the heavens.

The Seed of Life is in the center. The origin of our being.

About The Logo
Join the Sanctuary of Sophia Community

We welcome all people. We honor all traditions and no tradition at all. We see your sacredness in soul and body.


We are a fully tax deductible charitable organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through our community offerings and living in harmony with all of creation in our everyday lives.

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